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hey everyone!


well yeah, just gonna post an update. I’m currently on a personal/fanblog but I was on Tumblr too much so I had too cut back, and just go on whenever i had NOTHING else to do. 

Pony updates:

Gus is going so well for his new owner! she loves him so much and asdfghjkl;

Roxy is almost sold as well! shes going really well at the moment but just time and money are a bit short so we have to sell her.

Pardee (havn’t ever posted about him much, but hes super cute) He is mums baby, and is going sooooo well at the moment, when i get pictures i’ll post some on here :)

Well, basically so far I have been accepted into uni to study IT which I am super excited about, so I’m kinda going to have to not ride as much for the next 3 years (torture… :(  ) but once i’ve finished that course i’m planning on moving overseas (somewhere, not sure yet) to either get into game design or similar :) 

Just about to start my job as well, finally so I will have money for uni… yay. 

anyway! keep in touch if you guys want, my snapchat is emmavanderbrug if you want to add me, and you can follow me on instagram, emma__jane95 :)

talk soon, stay safe and keep loving those ponies!

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so im not really going to be using this blog much anymore, don’t really have time and stuff. anyway, if you want to keep in contact I will be using the account http://niallandtyler.tumblr.com if you want to follow (p.s. it’s one direction, 5sos and funny shit)

But yes! Thank you all so much for everything, I will still jump on occasionally! x

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